Universal Process Data Recorder

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Product description


  • Split Process Interface and User Interface Modules to Minimize Sensor Cable Lengths
  • User Programmable Channel Names & Display Units
  • Huge Data Storage Capacity : Appx. 38,56,000 Records
  • Flexible Data Transfer Mode : Through USB Memory Stick (Pen-Drive) in Excel Format



  • Fixed 8 or 16 Channels
  • Universal Process Input (Thermocouples, RTD Pt100, mA, mV, V) for Each Channel
  • Fast Channel Update Rate : 0.5 Seconds per Channel
  • Each Channel with Upto 4 Programmable Soft Alarms
  • Adjustable Zero Offset for Each Channel
  • 32 Point User Linearization for DC Linear Input for Each Channel
  • Auto / Manual Scan Mode with Settable Scan Time
  • 1 Common High & 1 Common Low Alarm Relay Outputs
  • Date / Time Stamped Process Value (PV) & Alarm Status Recording for Each Channel
  • Continuous or Batch Recording with Programmable Recording Interval
  • Universal Supply Voltage : 85~264 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Flame-proof Enclosure (Gas Group IIA & IIB) Available


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