Our Company

PPI was established in 1988 with a mission to design, develop and manufacture best-in-class, high precision Process Monitoring and Control Systems for diverse industries including Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Cements, and Papers to Nuclear, Scientific and Research Establishments. The relentless efforts in meeting the stringent process requirements from this demanding clientele helped the Company cross several milestones and create a niche of its own. Almost all the products that the company produces are customer and market driven.

PPI boasts of an enviable reputation with several firsts to its credit. Technological excellence embedded with high quality has enabled customers to streamline their processes and plants fast. The fundamental understanding of several processes and thorough knowledge of working mechanisms of numerous equipments has helped the company establish a long-standing relationship with hundreds of medium and large scale OEMs across the country.

The well equipped Production facilities manned by qualified engineers ensure compliances to specifications and standards by subjecting all products to stringent quality checks. Quality audit records are maintained and provided on request.

The strong in-house Design & Development division constantly upgrades and applies its knowledge repository to convert customer needs into products that march in step with the emerging process technologies. The design team encompasses experienced veterans from all disciplines; Hardware, Firmware, System and Application.

For the convenience of our customers, the company has set-up a strategically distributed nationwide Sales and Support Network. The team comprises highly trained field engineers who are always on-the-move to provide onsite product and application support.

The company looks forward to partnering you in your next project and delivering on its promise – as always.



India's First Self-tune PID Process Controllers

Until Mid 90s, no manufacturer of process control instruments offered indigenous self-tune PID controllers – the most common need of industries and OEMs alike. The market was dominated by a few reputed brands from Europe and USA followed by lesser known brands from Asian countries like Korea and Taiwan. Whereas the former brands were exorbitantly expensive the latter suffered on poor control accuracy and reliability. PPI took this as a challenge and after relentless efforts of over 3 years introduced, the now much coveted, neuro series Universal Self-tune Process controllers. These controllers have successfully replaced many leading overseas brands thanks to their much accurate control performance embedded with truly industrial grade quality. PPI thus achieved the distinction of introducing the first; cent per cent indigenously developed self-tune PID controllers on the Indian markets.

Innovative Data Loggers

Reliable and convenient Process Data Logging has always been a perennial industrial problem – mainly with Pharmaceutical & Chemical sectors owing to regulations from several governing bodies. The conventional chart recorders suffered mechanical wear & tear and PC based logging demanded customized application software. PPI understood these drawbacks and developed Data Loggers that offered either direct well formatted printouts or easy Excel-compatible data porting via USB Stick (Pen Drive) to remote PC. The modular concept of separating the User Interface and Process Interface not only reduced the expensive wiring but also imparted field expandability of process channels.

Keeping in-line with the ever growing technology, the strong in-house development team at PPI has recently launched more sophisticated versions of Data Logging Systems including Paperless Data Loggers and Web Software Based Data Loggers. The in-built Web Server completely eliminates the need for managing data and software versions on personal computers. PPI once again achieved the distinction of developing India’s First Web Server based Data Loggers.


Trend Changing 'Application Specific Integrated Controllers'

Understanding of the physics behind a wide range of processes and the working mechanisms of the process equipments have been a virtue since PPI’s inception. The development team at PPI leveraged this phenomenon and introduced a series of controllers, all firsts, aimed at encompassing the complete control system governing the equipment operation. All most all leading OEMs of Stability Chambers, Autoclaves, Laboratory / Hospital Scientific Equipments, etc., have standardized on these Application Specific products.

Pioneering Customized Control Systems

The wide spread success of ‘Application Specific Integrated Control Systems’ is the reflection of the core strength of PPI’s strong in-house Design & Development centre. Many a large and reputed manufacturers from diverse industries have recognized this strength and honor PPI by awarding contracts for customized product development for their specific equipments. Amongst many others; PPI has successfully customized:

Hatchery Control System for Poultry
Environment Control System for Green House
Blood Bank Collection Monitoring & Refrigeration for Hospitals
Air Drying Control System for Plastics, Chemical & Electronics Industries
Remote (Wireless) Crane/Hoist Control System for Heavy Engineering Units
Stability Chamber Control Systems for Pharmaceutical & Cement Industries
High Pressure Autoclave Control for Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Petro-chemical Industries