Omnix Plus

Dual Set Point Temperature Controller with Programmable Input & Timer

Product description

• Dual Row 4 Digit Display
• Jumper-less Selectable J/K Thermocouple & RTD Pt100 Inputs
• Programmable Input Signal Conditioning
• Selectable On-Off & Self Tune PID (with Overshoot Inhibit Feature) Control
• Programmable Heat / Cool Control Mode
• Auxiliary Control : Blower / Alarm / Compressor with Time Delay
• In-built Programmable Timer with Front / Remote Start
• Relay & SSR Drive Control Output Version
• Sizes (mm) :48(H) X 48(W) X 85(D), 72(H) X 72(W) X 65(D), 96(H) X 96(W) X 65(D)


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