HumiTherm Plus

Micro PLC Based Temperature + Humidity (%RH) Control & Recording System

Product description

     Features :

  • 160 X 80 Monochrome Graphic Display for Comprehensive Process Information
  • Universal Input for Temperature & %RH with In-built Excitation Voltage
  • Independent Self Tune PID Control Loops for Temperature & %RH
  • SSR Drive Control Output for Heating, Humidification, Compressor & Alarm
  • Compressor Switching with Programmable Time Delay
  • Intelligent Door-Open Sensing & Alarm
  • Smart Water Level Detection with Alarm
  • In-built Huge Memory for Data Logging
  • PV and Event Data Recording with Date / Time Stamping
  • Serial Port for PC Interface with 21 CFR Compliance Software
  • Optional Printer Interface Module for Direct On/Off-Line Printing with PC Configurable Header / Footer
  • Optional GSM Interface Module for SMS Alerts


Product Catalogue

HumiTherm Plus PC User Manual

HumiTherm Plus Printer User Manual

HumiTherm Plus PC Operator Manual

HumiTherm Plus Printer Operator Manual