Advanced Temperature + Humidity Programmable Controller with Alarms

Product description

• Universal Inputs (RTD/mA/V for Temperature & %RH) with Selection for Dry/Wet Configuration
• Independent Self Tune PID or On-Off Control Loops for Temperature & %RH
• Compressor Control Output with Time Delay
• Programmable Alarms & Retransmission Outputs for Temperature & %RH
• 24V or 12V or 5V DC Excitation Voltage for Transmitters
• Relay or SSR Drive Outputs for Heating, Humidification & Compressor Control
• Relay Output for Alarm
• DC Volts / Current Retransmission Outputs
• Standby Mode for Use as Indicator with Alarms
• Optional RS485 MODBUS/RTU Serial Communication Port
• DIN Standard Dimensions (mm) : 96(H) X 96(W) X 100(D)


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