ISOSIG-35S / 35D

Programmable, 4-Wire Isolated Signal Converter / Transmitter / Splitter

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Product description

• Robust, High Resolution, Accurate Micro-Controller Based Design
• Slim size of 35mm for Single and Dual Outputs
• Versions Available for Variety of Input and Output Types
• Optional, 24VDC/30mA Excitation Supply for Transmitter. Isolated from Power, OP1 & OP2
• 1.5KV AC Isolation between Power Supply, Input, OP1 & OP2 (OP2 available in ISOSIG-35D model)
• High Resolution Input : 16-bit Resolution ADC
• High Resolution Output : 10,000 parts
• Programmable Burnout (Scale Up / Scale Down)
• Front Panel Zero / Span Adjustment through Multi-turn Trim-Pots
• Programmable Zero Offset for RTD / Thermocouple Inputs
• In-built Lead Resistance Compensation for RTD Inputs
• In-built Cold Junction Compensation for Thermocouple Inputs
• Versions Available for AC (85~265 VAC) & DC (20~32 VDC) Supply
• Din-Rail Mounting : 35(W) X 75(H) X 107(D)


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