Product description

•160 X 80 Monochrome Graphic Display for Comprehensive Process Information
• 4 Universal Temperature Inputs for Control & Mapping
• User Programmable Temperature Measurement Strategy
(MAP-1 or Average of MAP-1 to MAP-4 or Min/Max of All Mappings)
• 1 Universal Input (mA / V) for Pressure Indication with Programmable Units
• Digital Inputs for Door Open & Low Water Level Detection
• Digital Outputs (SSR Drive) for Heating, Air Exhaust Valve and Alarm
• Programmable Sterilization Timer with Setpoints for Timer Pause & Reset
• Programmable Setpoint for Air Exhaust Valve Closing
• Automatic Cycle Abortion at High Temperature Safety Limit & Low Water Level
• Front / Remote Sterilization Cycle Start Command
• F0 Value Calculation & Indication
• Temperature Dependent Cycle Resumption Upon Power Interruption
• In-built Huge Memory for Autoclave Cycle Data Recording with Settable Interval
• 21 CFR Compliance PC Software for Report Generation with
User Programmable Company Name/Logo & Footer
• Version Available for Direct Printout of Report on 80/132
Column Dot-Matrix Printer from Controller


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