LPTM-1 SITE-LOG Thermocouple and Temperature Data Logger

7-channel thermocouple plus 1-channel temperature, battery powered, stand-alone data logger.

Product description

SITE-LOG LPTM-1 is a 7-channel thermocoules plus 1-channel temperature, battery powered, stand-alone data logger. It records the ambient temperature and the seven external thermocouple probes. Data are stored in 8 MB non-volatile flash memory for later retrieval. Its aluminum enclosure makes it excellent in the harshest industrial environment.

Its on-board temperature channel provides environment monitoring and Cold-Junction compensation.

Plug & Play USB port and versatile custom equation simplify communications and engineering unit conversion. 16-bit ADC makes it well suited for science and laboratory applications where precise and accurate measurements are critical.

Simply plug the logger to computer’s USB port, and the software automatically recognizes it and handles the configuration, downloading, graph viewing and more…

16-bit analog-to-digital converter
Cold-Junction Compensation
8 megabyte memory size
Both USB and serial interfaces with auto baud rate of up to 115200 bps
Programmable ranges for all types of thermocouple probes.
Over 10 years of battery life
Powerful software for configuration, downloading, plotting, analysis and alarm reporting
Configurable alarm control/excitation controls
Wide sampling interval selections (20 milliseconds to 12 hours)
Rugged aluminum enclosure
Coated PCB to protect against moisture, corrosion and mildew.


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