Product description

128 X 64 MonochromeGraphic Display for Comprehensive Process Information

Simultaneous Displayof Process Value & Set Value for both Temperature & %RH

UniversalInput for Temperature & %RH with In-built Excitation Voltage

Independent Self TunePID Control Loops for Temperature & %RH

SSR Drive Outputs forHeat Control, Humidi?er Control, Compressor Control & Alarm

Compressor Switchingwith Programmable Time Delay

Intelligent Door-OpenSensing & Alarm

Smart Water LevelDetection with Alarm

RS 485 MODBUS RTUSerial Communication Port

Universal SupplyVoltage : 85 ~ 264VAC, 50/60 Hz

Size (mm) : 80 (H) X 160 (W) X 68.2 (D)


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