Autoclave Controller

Product description

• Universal Temperature Input (RTD Pt100 & J, K, T, R, S, B, N Thermocouples)
• Programmable Input Signal Conditioning (Digital Filter & Zero Offset)
• Programmable Sterilization Timer with Guaranteed Soak Time
• High Temperature Safety Alarm
• Automatic Cycle Abortion at High Temperature Limit
• Computed Saturated Steam Pressure Display
• Independent Air Purging and Sterilization Setpoint
• Independent Outputs for Air Outlet Valve & Steam Control
• Front / Remote Sterilization Cycle Start Commond
• Optional, Serial Communication Port or Water Level Switch Input
• DIN Standard Dimensions : 48(H) X 48(W) X 110(D), 96(H) X 96(W) X 65(D), mm


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