Analog output module TCW280

Ethernet analog output module with galvanically isolated ports and MODBUS TCP/IP support

Product description


2 analog voltage or current loop outputs with 12-bit resolution
4 open drain outputs with PWM and ON/OFF modes
2 relays with normally open and normally closed contacts
SNMP v.2 support
SNMP traps to up to 5 recipients like alarm alert
Password protected WEB based configuration and control
Periodical HTTP Post for client-server systems
XML/JSON status files
HTTP API commands
NTP support
Dynamic DNS support
Back/restore for easy device settings multiplications
Remote firmware update over the WEB interface


?nalog output module for industrial automation
Remote valves/actuators control
Scheduled control for industrial processes
Dimming LED (Light-emitting diode) lights
Supervisory control
An integral part of small to large SCADA systems


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