neuro 102 Plus

Advanced Universal Single Loop Process Controller

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Product description

     Features :

  • Universal Process Input (Thermocouples, RTD Pt100, DC Linear mA/mV/V)
  • Self Tune PID (with Auto/Manual Bump-less Transfer), On-Off or Pulsed On-Off Control
  • Universal Main Control Output (Output-1, Selectable as Relay / SSR Drive / mA or V), Fully Isolated from all other Circuits (Models neuro102V Plus & neuro102L Plus only)
  • Ramp / Soak Setpoint Profile
  • Remote & Auxiliary Setpoint Input
  • PV/SP Retransmission Output
  • Process Alarms & Serial Communication Port
  • Various DIN Standard Sizes


      Notes :

  1. Ramp/Soak Profile, Auxiliary Setpoint & Remote Setpoint are optional features and are mutually exclusive. That is, the controller can be shipped with only one of 3 options fitted. Default : Ramp/Soak Profile.
  2. The option Remote Setpoint is available in models neuro102V Plus & neuro102L Plus only
  3. If neuro 102 Plus is ordered with Auxiliary Setpoint option, then RS485 Serial Communication port will not be available.


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